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Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond TIme

Nur and I went to see the new YGO movie this afternoon! We met sygmus there too! We all got 5Ds manga samplers and a promo card, so that was cool. There were actually a number of cosplayers there too!

The movie wasn't… well, I can't honestly say it was a GOOD movie, but oh wow did I LOVE it. It made me so happy to see Jaden/Juudai being his overly happy self and to see him interact with Yusei, oh woooooow. *_* So very much a fangirl's dream come true! I desperately need art/doujin/fic of them hanging out/being cuddly/dueling/making love/anything. Please. I don't know why I love them together, but I DO. I want to see them hang out more. I don't care what they do, I just want to see more of it. Does anyone have any recs?

But anyway, the movie. There was a lengthy intro to each of the main characters, covering their main battles. Seeing Yugi's first duel against Kaiba (first duel in the second anime series, I mean) brought back so many memories! Now I want to get the DVDs for all of DM and watch it again. *_* I found it strange that in Jaden's intro they covered some main battles, but not the battles with Trueman. And they didn't explain Yuubel either. I was happy they didn't talk much about 5Ds after the Condor battle, because I just watched that battle yesterday. =D

The movie was pretty much a tiny intro getting all the characters into the same time period and then the big duel. The duel wasn't… the best duel, but it was very very exciting seeing all three main characters fight together. To see their moves piggyback on each other's cards was fantastic.

I can't wait until it comes out (BLURAY PLEASE) because I'll definitely buy it. I want to see EXTREME HEART OF THE CARDS ACTION over and over again!

I don't have any YGO cosplay (though I would love to at some point), but I wanted to go dressed in something YGOish. Since I've been watching 5Ds, I figured I'd go with something from that. I really wanted to make a GX sweatshirt, but I couldn't figure out what to put on it. =\ But hey, I love me some 5Ds too. I decided to put the design on Yusei's shirt on a sweatshirt. It turned out… okay:

I had the brown sweatshirt in my fabric closet for ages, so I figured it was time to put it to good use. My painting isn't very clean, and there are accidental splotches in many places, but I think it turned out alright. The yellow on the hood is Yusei's marker. The big problem with the sweatshirt is that I mixed two different types of paint and they reacted with each other and smell like ant poison. Not cool. I tried to air it out, cover the smell with a lot of deodorant, but they didn't work so well. I finally sprayed a bunch of cologne on it. It smelled very strongly, but at least it didn't smell like poison anymore! Hopefully letting it air out for a few more days will rid it of the smell. =\

WAARRRGGHHH now I'm on a YGO high. =D
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