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Things that have been going on

I know I've been quiet on LJ recently. Didn't mean to be.

A few things:

-Bro Calendars are IN. So if you still want one, they're $10, PICK UP ONLY. Sorry for the massive delay. All participants should have their calendars in by now. If you participated and don't have your calendar, let me know and I'll send a new one.

-Holiday/January is such a nice month Cards are an unfortunate no-go this year. Sorry. I feel super bad, especially after getting so many beautiful, wonderful cards over the holidays. Please forgive me, I'll try to make it up somehow. Things have just been… a little more chaotic than I would have liked recently. But thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU for all those gorgeous cards. You guys are the best. ♥

-I owe like a handful of images from a meme from way back when. Except for one or two, they're all complete. But I don't have a scanner, so they'll just sit in my sketchbook for the time being.

-I owe sweatshirt/shirt screenprinted stuff to some people too. I haven't forgotten about it. I'm just taking forever.

But on the other hand! Good things!
-Watched all of Eureka Seven over four or five days. I really loved it and want both of Renton's jackets, but it left me feeling a little empty inside. I feel sad that I'm only what… four years late to the party on this series? XD;; I still have to watch the movie, but I'm honestly in no rush. I put off watching E7 forever for no real reason (I had bought the whole TV series sets ages ago and finally gave in when I realized I had most of the USA-release shirts, enjoyed wearing them, but had never actually watched past episode 2. Thanks, guilt, you did something good for once. After I found I LOVED the show, I ended up buying all of the limited edition releases and completing my collection of USA Eureka Seven shirts. Now I have five random Eureka Seven discs. I don't want them, so if anyone local wants them, take 'em. I might steal the DVD jacket for a couple though… I really like the art on them, and the sets I have are the "Anime Legend" versions that don't have the same covers!

-Baccano Blu-Rays came out on Wednesday. I had a party. My brother was going to come over and watch them with me, but he got busy and couldn't come. It's okay, because I had plenty of other friends to watch it with me. It was probably good that my brother couldn't come, because I had to work through the party anyway.

-Got my Baccano! Blu-Rays in yesterday. It's the most wonderful release of anything ever. I posted some pictures and a couple thoughts here.

-I'm getting new bookshelves this weekend. I am super excited for this.

-Nur got Dead Space II today. I can't wait until he gets home and plays it. ♥

Life has been pretty good lately. It's been very busy and stressful, but overall it's good. I'm happy, I'm enjoying myself, things are going alright. And now I have a cute kitty sleeping on my lap.
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