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Cosplay: Arago from AR∀GO

A couple weeks back at ALA, I cosplayed my favorite British detective, Arago Hunt. Well, I cosplayed Jacuzzi too, but I've already posted a bajillion pictures of Jacuzzi (and I only wore him for the gathering, AND I brought the wrong colors for his tattoo, AND I forgot his shoes, WHOOPS).

Fourteen or so pictures, worksafe, but contains lots of rambling. Major spoilers for chapter 1 and very minor spoilers about Patchman's "cursed power."

AR∀GO is the story of a young man whose parents are killed by a mysterious man known as "The Patchman." He and his older twin brother, Ewan, survive the incident. Ewan becomes an incredibly skilled detective, Arago chases the shadow of Patchman, hungry for revenge. (LARGE CHAPTER 1 SPOILERS OMITTED) And then Arago has Ewan's right arm and some of Patchman's cursed power, the power of Brionac. Arago becomes a police officer, then a rookie detective, all while fighting the beasts that roam the streets of London!

Some examples of Arago:

Arago's police wear. I sorta half-assed this costume, but I don't have any pictures. I have the pants, undershirt, and sweater, but I still need to get his helmet and his belt/everything on his belt.

This is the image I based both my outfit for these cosplay pictures and Brionac on. I had to take some liberties with Brionac, since it seems to move and flicker like fire, and I have no idea how to make have pieces floating on it (without it being super obvious with wire or something)

There's a lot of awesome things about cosplaying Arago. For one this, he's such an interesting character, it's fun to try to act like him. But best of all, HE'S ALWAYS EATING CANDY BARS. ALWAYS. AAAAALLLLWAYSSSSS. The only things I think he's been shown consuming are candy bars and coffee. His apartment cupboards are FILLED with candy bars. ♥

Brionac!! It's surprisingly easy to wear and fairly sturdy. It looks sorta floppy on the edges here… I'll have to fix that. Nur took all these pictures for me. =3

THIS COSTUME IS SO EASY TO WEAR. Except the wig is itchy.

Hmm… These pictures show how much I suck at posing. Nur's really patient with me though, and I think I'm slowly getting better!!


You know, it would suck to have your brother's arm if he was like… bigger or smaller than you. Then your arms would be different sizes and it would look really weird. It's hard to see, but I actually put the scar on Arago's forehead and on Ewan's arm. I actually think the one on Ewan's arm isn't visible in any shots… =\

Mmmm, candy bars, does a detective good.

And all of a sudden, it's NIGHTTIME! And Brionac is on again! And DAMN my wig looks silly!

We found some neat areas really close to the convention to take photos at.

Nnnngh… my hair was totally slipping out of my wig. =\

THE LAST PICTURRRRE! My favorite part of this image, by far, is the shadow.

I'm actually quite happy with how this costume came out. There're lots and LOTS of things I can do to improve it, I think, so hopefully next time I wear it it'll be look really cool! And hopefully people will know what AR∀GO is. AND MOST HOPEFULLY Nur will cosplay Seth and we can be awesome AR∀GO cosplayers together. One of my favorite things about this costume overall is something that unfortunately can't be seen in any of the pictures… Brionac glows in the dark! It's not a vibrant glow or anything like that, but it makes me really happy to see it glow. I made Arago's forehead scar glow in the dark as well, but it's also not visible. Oh well! My next Brionac build will be lit by flickering LEDs, so that glow will be visible!

Ahh, yeah, hope you enjoyed seeing my easy cosplay. And I hope you give AR∀GO a chance! It's an awesome series by Takahiro Arai, the same mangaka who did the Darren Shan manga (which is also fun to read)! =D
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