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Bro Calendar Reminder

Hey all you awesome Bro Calendar participants!

This is just a sort of "final reminder" for the calendar. Images are due this Friday, December 17th. If you finish them before, please feel free to send them in earlier! Earlier is always better. I'd really love to have everything in and sent to the printer before I go to sleep on the 17th, so please don't wait to send it at midnight! T^T

If you have sketches you want to go on certain days (like mentioned in the PMs sent out earlier), please put those dates in the file name. Please also give me your real name and address so I can send in your calendar to you when it comes in! If you don't want your real name on the calendar, let me know and I'll put whatever you want in place of it. I'll be away the last week+ of the year, so unfortunately I won't be able to send the calendars out until the first week of the new year (although if they arrive before I leave, I'll do my best to send them out beforehand!). Comments are screened, so don't worry about putting your address in the replies. They are all protected~

As for file types; tif files are preferred, but jpgs will work if you can't get a tif to me!

For those going to ALA, if you don't mind, I'll just give you your calendar then. Let me know! =D

Hey all you Bro Calendar wanters!

If you live around me (San Francisco Bay Area) and want a calendar, I'll order if for you when I make the initial order. They will be a bit cheaper than just ordering them online (they should be around $10-$11 instead of ~$14), but you'll have to pick them up from me.

If you don't live around me and want a calendar, don't worry, I'll be posting the Lulu link as soon as the calendars are ready! You'll be able to order them off the site. =3
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