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Cosplay: Arawn the War Courier

For Halloween this year I dressed as an original character. His name is Arawn, and he's a snow leopard who works as a war courier. It was a fun challenge trying to put him together, and I learned a lot from working on him. Thanks to everyone who helped me with shaping his head properly! ♥ Nur took all these for me, because he's awesome. =3

Oh, poor Arawn and your oversized head. Sorry man.

I really wanted Arawn to be an experienced and scarred courier, so he has a couple of (poorly-colored) scars on his face and he's "currently" injured with some bloodied bandages.

There's no water under that bridge…

…As you can imagine from this picture, since Nur took it from IN the creek. You can also see how deep it is…. like… 3 feet? Hahahaha.

Arawn says, "What? Huh? What was that?"

Letter for you!

Ah! The letters!

…Gotta pick em all up…

Ah, gotta make sure I pick my hat too...

On to the next destination!

Hmmm… Is that gunfire in the distance? Hmmm…

…Maybe I'll just hang out here for a while.

Waaaah, it's been a long day! But there are still letters to deliver! AND WORK CONTINUES!!!

Arawn was a lot of fun to wear, but there's soooo much I need to do to fix him up. The stilts my dad and I made were awesome and gave me about 5 extra inches, but I didn't have enough padding, so I got HORRIBLE blisters. I gotta fix those up. I can't see out of the mask very well either, I can see maybe a quarter-sized area in front of my face. Arawn's jaw is also broken… he should have a moving jaw (that moves when I move my jaw), but after I put the fur on, the jaw got jammed in the open position.

I wore this costume to my mom's school for their Halloween party day and got all sorts of nice comments, but all sorts of people had strange guesses to what I was. A lot of people thought I was a wolf (aw man, I tried really hard to make him look not canine!). I also got "bear" and "bobcat" a lot. Bear, I can see, but BOBCAT? REALLY? At least it's a feline! XD The letters I took pictures with in these photos I gave out to kids in my mom's class. They all have candy in them. After I gave them out, a really cute kid argued with me on the intelligence and logic of delivering mail during a war. SO CUTE. *_*

Anyway, Arawn was a ton of fun and wooowww so much was learned through both making him and wearing him. The next original costume I think I'm going to make is a quetzalcoatl… less an actual fursuit/animal outfit and more of a "ceremonial" outfit sort of thing. It should be fun! =D
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