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Halloween Costume Help

I've been working on my Halloween costume off and on for the last several months and I've discovered I can't tell what's wrong anymore. If anyone has time, can they help out?

If you think a fursuit is super furry and you're anti-furry or something, don't click the cut. The character I'm dressing as for Halloween is Arawn, a snow leopard army courier.

Obviously, he doesn't have ears yet, but I'll be putting them on soon. I want to start furring the head no later than this weekend. He'll have glass eyes and a moving jaw with a full taxidermy jaw set (only the bottom half is in for the last picture). But uhhh, yeah, he's supposed to be a snow leopard but I can't tell what looks right or wrong anymore. If anyone could redline him or let me know what looks funky or whatever, I'd really appreciate it! T^T

This is the only thing that's done with for Arawn (that I've had to make myself). His pawwwwws! Well, I still need to put his spots on them (I'll do all the fur painting at the end) If nothing else turns out for costume, at least I'll have some very fuzzy paw-gloves! =3
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