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Japan 2010: Okayama and Kobe (4/1/2010-4/2/2010)

So my crazy crazy month of work ended, I got one day off, and then I got another a script… for a volume that looks like it's supposed to be due on the 20th? Wait, WHAT? I'm pretty fast, but holy crap, I don't know if I can letter this volume that fast. It's a very battle-heavy one. Yikes! I hope that's a placeholder date and the "real" date is a little bit further. *sob* Anyway! Picture and rambling time! Worksafe except for swearing, and being a huge geek. Nur took the best pictures. 52 images.

We left Kagoshima in the morning to head back up north. Goodbye Kagoshima! I love you!

This is the inside of our favorite shinkansen, the Tsubame. It's such a pretty train, both inside and outside! I guess there was an image of that guy reading softcore porn on it from an earlier post. Oh well. Yeah. I liked this train. Where did we go?

Well it's not like it doesn't say it like three times on the subject and header an— OKAYAMA!!! Okayama seems to be where the Momotaro legend may have originated, so there are numerous Momotaro-themed things there. Including the manhole covers.

Oh maaaan just look how cute these are!! MOMOTARO THE FIREMAN. Kyaaa!!

………………………………..is that a blackface elephant? ……………..=|

So we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and wandered towards our destination. We decided to go underground to bypass an intersection and found this. I think the colors look really cool, but I thought it was algae at first. =X

On our way~ What's that up there?

The river!! It's a very grey day! I like grey days. =3

Pretty blossoms.

Ta-daaaah! It's Okayama Castle! No ruins this time, a real castle! Well… sorta. The original was actually fire bombed and destroyed in the WWII, so this is a cement replica. *sigh* Stupid wars, killing people and destroying castles. >={

Anyway!! This castle is(was) pretty unusual as far as Japanese castles go, because not only is it black instead of the common white, but it also has a pentagon base. You can sort of see how the bottom floor on the left side sticks out a bit in the previous picture. After the castle was rebuilt, it was made into a museum.

Sniper hole! Actually, I forget the proper name for these, but they're for sniping.

These really give you a great range and they're reasonably well protected.

But you look a little silly sniping from them. =\

These marked off sections were once buildings. The plaques say which each section was. This section was really crowded.

I actually have NO idea what this shows. But there was weird stuff growing out of it.

Looking back into the first area as we were heading through a large gate that was rarely opened when the castle was operational. You know, as a castle and not a museum. Hmmm… palm trees?

Up the stairs!! If I'm not mistaken, the gate we had just gone through was pretty cool. It's designed so you can fill in the back with earth or stone to prevent invaders from coming in. That's one reason there are those stone walls perpendicular to the gate.

It's so pretty. =3 Looking back at one side of that gate.

Aha! the castle proper!

And again! It's a pretty plain-looking castle on this side.

This is the most vicious koi I've ever seen. Dragon-head koi perhaps? Across the river is a garden that is supposed to be AMAZING, but we didn't really know much about it and didn't go to it. Oh well! NEXT TIME.

The museum was pretty interesting. You are supposed to start at the top, then go down level by level. On one level, they had THE COOLEST THING.




On one floor you could dress up (for free!) as a princess or a lord. OF COURSE I jumped at the chance. It was SO MUCH FUN. Because Nur is a poopyhead, he didn't dress up. BECAUSE HE'S A STUPID POOPYHEAD. Both the lady in charge and I were very disappointed in him. =(

There was a little girl who dressed up before me and E*T+W(*EGHIV{OQE@$&+#TF SO CUTE OMG SOOOO CUTE.

At least Nur rode in the palanquin.

I wasn't going to pass up riding it either.

….for reading these silly posts.

The bottom floor had traditional tools. They were really neat.

I just think these water buckets are really neat.

Leaving the castle.

The blossoms are just about ready to come out!

O! H! K!

That hat really suits that naked baby statue.

George Washington watches out for children (but not the British children).

We had some time to burn (I NEEDED to be back at the hotel at a certain for an INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT EVENT), so we went to a rather depressing mall. They had a small arcade with possibly the strangest games I had seen in Japan.

What's the point of this game? I do not know. But look! A jolteon! That makes it photo-worthy.

This game. This FUCKING game. We're like, "SWEET LOOK A LUPIN SHOOTING GAME LET'S TOTALLY PLAY IT OH YEAAAH!" The guns were so off, we spent the entire time trying to figure out how off they were so we could actually shoot stuff. I think most of the game I spent waving the gun around wildly and pulling the trigger. Needless to say, we didn't last very long. NNGGGHHH IT FRUSTRATES ME JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. I mean, this thing was SO FREAKING OFF. ARGH!

I don't gamble on slot machines, but when I do, I use Digimon Slot Machines®.

We wandered some more, grabbed food from a convenience store, and headed to the hotel.

This tree was especially beautiful.

Our hotel room was really big. It was also the only one that we couldn't get internet in. Oh well. I didn't have time to waste on the silly internet, for it was nearly time for…

HEROMAN PREMIERE AAAAHHHHH IT'S COMING ON SOON AAAHHHH SO EXCITED SERIOUSLY SO SO SO EXCITED. (Poor Nur had to listen to me fangirl for a while.) We sat through Dora the Explorer in Japanese so we wouldn't miss a second of Heroman. In the Japanese version, Dora teaches you English instead of Spanish. It's weird.

AHHH HEROMAN YOU WERE SO GOOD. I LOVE YOU FOREVER. This was totally one of my goals for the trip; watch the premiere of Heroman on Japanese television. CHECK THAT ONE OFF THE LIST. (My goals were not very lofty, okay? =3 )

Half a page in my journal is dedicated to fangirling about Heroman, complete with drawn sparkles and bad doodles. ♥

Kagoshima to Okayama!

The next morning we got up nice and early, hopped back on the shinkansen, and travelled North to Kobe! We had one goal:

TETSUJIN!!! We were lucky, they had just finished the main work for the area not even six months before. The main drag had street lamps shaped like Tetsujin's head and the mall played the Tetsujin theme song.


And OF COURSE we had to take pictures in front of it.

Happiest fangirl. ♥

Happiest fangirl is also a professional Tetsujin controller In her dreams.

They also had some Three Kingdoms stuff going on, but I don't really know much about the Three Kingdoms stories or anything, so I just focused on the Tetsujin stuff.

Those Tetsujin street lamps I mentioned earlier.

We headed back to the shinkansen station (a 15min train ride or so away) and waited for our train. It was a little difficult, because we had to drag all of our stuff with us to and from Tetsujin 28.

Drink Tobacco.

We JUST missed the train, so we had about an hour before the next one. There was no one on the platform for most of that time, so it was both creepy and REALLY cool.

I really like trains and train-related things, so I had a blast just sitting there watching the trains go by. Only one type of shinkansen stopped at the station we were at, so shinkansen on other lines would come zooming through often.

Whenever a shinkansen would go by, the platform would rumble. It was really awesome!

It was cold out, but there was this nice waiting area that was heated. Thanks, Japan! =D

I wanted to film one of the shinkansen going by to show how FREAKING fast they are, but there was really no warning when they would come, and they're SO FREAKING FAST, I didn't have the time to take my camera out before it had completely passed by. So I filmed our train coming in. And of course it came in as slow as possible! XD

On the way back, I FINALLY got to see Mt. Fuji. Every other time we had passed it, it was too cloudy/smoggy/foggy/was visiting relatives/etc. As we went by, the clouds sort of parted and there it was. Holy shit, that mountain is SPECTACULAR. I was dumbstruck, it's so beautiful and magnificent. I felt like I was in the presence of something incredibly holy, and I'm not a religious person. Yeah, that sounds stupid, but it was a sight I never want to forget. The mountain… shining in the middle of a grey sky like some sort of enormous beacon… Unfortunately, I was too engrossed in just staring at it that I didn't take any pictures. Bah!

We got back to Tokyo, checked in to our usual Ueno hotel, shopped a bit, got dinner, and vegged in the room. Good times.

Okayama to Kobe to Tokyo!

Next time might be the last trip report. There will be one at the very very end with all sorts of crazy engrish and random weird things we saw too. =D
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