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Dosperado - The Moest Manga

Well, no Japan Trip Report this week. Work has been busy and I don't really feel like posting one right now. But I have something that I believe is a million times better. A MILLION. TIMES. BETTER.

This is just a tiny sampling of the magnificence.

While wandering Kagoshima, Nur and I found a lovely used bookstore. Not that this is uncommon, used bookstores are all over in Japan. But this one held two glorious treasures. The first was Hagun, a story (as far as I can tell) about a cyborg who goes into overdrive, has sex with a girl while in overdrive, and somehow travels to the past during said lovemaking. It begs the question… if he has sex with a girl every time he is in overdrive mode, will he continue to travel further and further into the past? Unfortunately, I only own the first volume, so I do not have the answer.

The second treasure was Dosperado. Wondrous, spectacular Dosperado.

Just… magnificent.

(The manga is by Hideki Owada, who has done a number of magnificent gag books, check them out if you can!)
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