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I knew I shouldn't have stopped learning music~!

I had a couple of weird dreams last night.

The first one was some crazy porn dream about trees. Yeah. YEAH. I don't even know what was going on, but there were trees, but they were also sexy ladies? And they wanted this guy to screw them? But he's like, "UH NO THANKS I'M NOT INTO SCREWING TREES." They still tried really hard to make him though. =X

In the other dream, I was part of a band. Not a five-piece band or anything, a full orchestral band. It was made up of people from my high school's band back in the day, except instead of just being a high school band, we were some special group. We were supposed to play with some younger group, so they came in and we started practicing with them.

I'm a percussionist, but my specialty is mallet percussion. Glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone... those are what I enjoy the most. The songs we were playing didn't have any parts for those, so I covered the triangle, cymbals, and bongos. Not a big deal, sometimes you get an awesome part, sometimes you don't. Then the conductor brings out the sheet music for the last song. See, we hadn't gotten any of this music beforehand and we were supposed to be in a concert with the other group that night. This last song was lead by the xylophone. Me. I lead the last song.

Although this was a dream, I still hadn't played mallet percussion seriously in over seven years (I simply can't afford an instrument!) and I knew it in the dream. I tried to follow along, but sight reading is not one of my strong points. The conductor for the band joining us came up to me and tried to help me play the part. We went slow, but she was constantly berating me for not being able to play the piece right away. The notes were fairly simple, but the beat was very strange. Although the notes were written as a combination of straight triplets, eighth-notes, and quarter-notes, she insisted I play it with a heavy swing, giving much more time and weight to the early notes in each phrase. I was so incredibly confused and she just got angrier and angrier. I was at my breaking point. Luckily, the band took a break and the conductor for the band I was in came up to talk to me. I always felt comfortable with him. He told me it was going to be okay and that I would be fine, and that the pieces we were playing with the other band were chosen by the other conductor and sucked anyway. He let me cry a little to get my frustration out, then we went back to rehearsal. He helped me feel a lot better, but I still had to master the piece before the evening's performance!!

And that's when I woke up. The dreams made me really confused and sad, but most of all the last dream gave me an incredible urge to play music again. My parents gave away our piano when I was in my third or fourth year of college, so it's been a long time since I was able to play anything. I would love to buy my own xylophone, but it's incredibly expensive and incredibly large. I just really miss music. I'm hoping to buy a keyboard soon, but that's after we get a bigger place because we have no room right now. T^T I also want to buy a cello and learn how to play it, but that falls into the xylophone-expensive range as well. Ahhh, some day!!

Tonight Nur and I are going to see the showing of Summer Wars in San Francisco! By any chance, is anyone else going? It would be cool to hang out!
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