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Japan 2010: Tokyo C (3/22/2010)

Uh, ignore the fact the header image says "Tokyo B" and not Tokyo C like the rest of the post. I'm much too lazy to go into photoshop and fix that. Hmm... the header really makes me want to go on slides the wrong way now... =\ A bunch of these photos were taken by Nur, but I was too lazy to mark them. So remember, if they look cool, Nur probably took them.

Warnings: 56 images, a smattering of swearing, and inappropriate robot caressing.

OOOOOOOKAYAMA. I'm just amused with how many hiragana Os there are in the name. Perhaps I am a little too easily amused.

This is Ragnarok Online ad. No. Seriously.

The Japanese are really awesome at organizing information for trains. Now, I may not be recalling this properly, but I believe this chart shows you which cars are best to get on to exit at certain stations, to get to other trains, etc. Like, "at Ueno station, the quickest way to get out of the station is to get out of car #7." Pretty damn awesome.

So today was the second day of Comiket Special. After agreeing that the first day was mostly a colossal waste of time, we decided to skip it. I was interested in checking out Roppongi and Harajuku, which we hadn't been to before.

Roppongi has some NICE areas. And cool buildings.

Cool BIG buildings.

The courtyard of this area had a nice view of Tokyo Tower too. See it, way out there behind the rose?

Say hello to Maman!

Maman has a belly full of rocks.

A little further into the complex is an art museum that looks pretty cool. We didn't go. Plus it was pretty early, so I doubt it was open.

Avatar was pretty big in Japan, I mean, they still had these big posters up a good four months after it came out.

My mom read an article about this green area and wanted me to go to it. So I did. Sorta. Okay, I just looked at it from a distance. That building with all the windows is for NHK Tokyo, I think.

The back end of the complex. Some apartments and a cool fountain thingy. There were goldfish in it! We could look across the way and see a parent-child dance class going on. It was really cute.

I just want to say how FREAKING COLD it was this day. It was very windy and absolutely FREEZING. SO DAMN COLD.

But THIS made up for the FREEZING temperatures. It's a playground. With seven hojillion slides. AND ROBOTS. A ROBOT PLAYGROUND.



Of course, I had to bless the playground with my glorious presence.

And play on the slides.

We also had a good time riding the robots.

I am the greatest robot rider ever. I really liked this particular robot because... well...

Oh vaguely-Heroman-colored robot, let me show you how much I love you~

Unfortunately, our love was not meant to last.

Cool gate. =D

A map of the central Roppongi area. That big building at the start of the post is Mori Tower. You can see Maman there too!

We decided to walk down a main road and let it take us where ever.

We saw a crow building a nest. ...a nest made mostly of hangers.

This is a good time to talk about crows in Japan. They are huge. HUGE FREAKING BIRDS. Awesome birds, but FREAKING JINORMOUS.

This is accurate. See how big they are? (Demon Spawn and I are BFFs btw)

We passed a building with cool tiles under the windows. They had the four sacred directional beasts, a kirin (also quite sacred), a couple big dragons (not pictured), and... a pegasus. Hmmm... one seems out of place here...

A cool pole made out of... Es, I think.

And then we turned around and saw this totally sweet car. *_*

We walked a little further, looked down an alley and SURPRISE!


We didn't have an interest in going up to the observation deck, since we did that last time, but I wanted to go... have my way with the supports again. To my great dismay, they now have signs saying not to mess with the supports and that cameras are watching. I'm glad I was able to go at it last time!

We knew we were in the right area for that cool cult building we had seen from the Tower last trip, so we walked a wee bit further and ta-da! Located it!

The building is Reiyukai Shakaden, a building for Reiyukai, a religious organization devoted to the Lotus Sutra and ancestor worship. A great deal of the area is open and anyone can wander around it. The temple offers free Japanese lessons for foreigners and has a reservoir that holds 400 tons of drinking water for emergencies. It's a neat place. And it's BIG.

The inside seems to be mostly marble and everything is very clean. The upper and lower meeting areas were closed when we were there, so we just wandered around the middle area and checked out the big dark stairwells.

I know everyone's heard of the crazy Japanese toilets. Here's one. This is actually sort of a standard one. I encountered many that were a lot more complex than this one. This one still has a number of features like flushing sounds, deodorizer, and a heated seat. Let me tell you, heated toilet seats are really uncomfortable at first, but on those days when it's really nippy outside they are SUCH a blessing.

Thanks for not having squat toilets, Reiyukai Shakaden. I really appreciate it.

Ah, look at the majesty of this building!

Like I said, this place is HUGE.

This is the "NOA" building. I don't know what it's for, that's just what it said on the side. Really slick building, smooth black sides with red brick to break up the black and give it some nice texture.

It's like a Tetris building. Someone is really good at Tetris.

We found a subway station and decided to go to Harajuku. But before we hopped on the train, we found a station stamp that we just had to put in our books! Unfortunately, the ink was almost dried up. But I had a fantastic idea! Why not pour some of the water I had brought on it? Just a few drops should help rehydrate it! ....or just give us waterlogged stamps in our books. =\

Harajuku! Construction in Harajuku! And lots of people.

Loottttsss of people. And a lot of CREEPY people. A lot of girls dressed in lolita things... lined up for photos. They looked really cute, but the one girl I saw get her picture taken was... well... so she's super full of life and looks great, but as soon as she poses, it's like her soul was sucked out. All emotion drained out of her face and she looked creepy. Her face was a black hole of emotion. We also saw a line of young men, I think they were in line for some contest or something.

The main drag of Harajuku is pretty neat, but the alleys have some great-looking stores. We were looking for the Tintin store (which we never found D= ), so we spent a while in the alleys.

Nice looking places.


Tacos in Japan. Would you like a beef taco or a hot dog taco?

We went to a large toy store named "Kiddy Land" on the main drag. They had a lot of super awesome things. Like older PokéDolls! And a whole shelf of Kitaro stuff!

We wanted delicious, delicious Moss Burger for lunch, but the closest one was in Shi-BOO YAH!!!!! Shibuya. We could have walked, but I'm a lazy person.

Time to get back on the subway! I love the color coding of the mass transportation systems.

Business cat has had a long day.

Business cat always takes your calls.

No luck finding the Moss Burger, but we did find...

The Shibuya Mandarake! It's a couple stories underground, and the stairway is textured like a cave. The initial section is a mural of manga characters though, and it looks awesome.


....if you guessed Speed Grapher, not only are you right, but you're also AWESOME.

They like LOST in Japan too. And Flash Forward. And CSI. I didn't take a picture of the CSI poster I saw (CSI NY looked so good on it. ♥), but after Nur took this, I cursed myself! >={

I got an Accel belt at Kiddy Land. BECAUSE I AM TOTALLY AN ADULT AND ALWAYS ACT LIKE ONE. Vroom vroom, bitches!

Swag for the day. Quite a bit! From the left; the final volume of the extremely awesome Oh! Edo Rocket manga (which I had been looking high and low for since October), a Kitaro bandana, the Accel belt, a couple Kitaro clear files, my Gaia Memories: a special Den-O one, Cyclone, and Joker (I curse myself for not buying them all!), three Kitaro figures, a Kitaro cloth, a Lugia PokéDoll (named Poseidon), a Robot ja nai cell phone strap, an Atom keychain, and a Mameshiba... something.

Those Kitaro figures... I bought 6 over the course of the trip. There are 11 versions... the five Gegege no Kitaro designs for the five anime series and the five alt versions of those (they have Medama Oyaji). The eleventh figure is a Hakaba Kitaro figure. I got THREE of the same figure. ALL THREE THE SAME VERSION OF THE SAME KITARO. No one the regular version and one the alt, NO. THEY ARE ALL THE MEDAMA OYAJI VERSION OF THE 1980s KITARO ARRRGHHHHH.

Okay, I'm good.

I really wanted that Hakaba Kitaro, it looked way cool. Actually, the two designs I didn't get were two of the ones I wanted the most... the Hakaba Kitaro and the 1968 Kitaro (it was designed after the story about baseball, so he had a baseball cap and it was a greyscale figure and it was SO COOL). And now I want to watch Kitaro. Curse it all!

Whoa so let's get back to pictures. This is possibly the greatest mascot ever. This is Otousan, the mascot for the phone company Softbank. He's a dog. Who has a human family. And he's the father in the family. And he's a BADASS. Softbank commercials are the best, because Otousan is the best.

You can watch a bunch of Otousan commercials here. Some translated versions are available here.

We saw Otousan as we walked down a main street trying to find a Moss Burger. We were still craving delicious teriyaki burgers. We ended walking from Ueno to the end of Akihabara, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.

So this is a glasses place. And that logo in the middle is supposed to be an owl's face. But every time I see it, this is what I think:

It looks like the face of a stoned man who needs to shave.

This is one of my favorite ads. The doodles, complete with rosy cheeks and sharp teeth are just... perfect.

Map of the day's travels here~

That's all for the day! Next time, our one day in Kyoto!
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