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Really, this post is just nervous rambling.

Ahhh! I'm so nervous!

An acquaintance suggested that I contact this person who is doing a documentary for Comic Con. She said that they were looking for cosplayers, and I figured it couldn't hurt, so I contacted her. I thought that maybe they just wanted some viewpoints and opinions from different cosplayers, but it turns out it's an audition? I did a phone audition on Friday and I'm recording a video to send to her today. I'm not really sure why I'm auditioning for this when there are a TON of more qualified cosplayers I can name just off the top of my head! It makes me really nervous, I know my stuff isn't up to par with any of the "excellent" cosplayers, so showing it off is a little embarrassing.

.......well.... don't get me wrong, I LOVE showing off my cosplay stuff. I love pointing out little things that I really like on my costumes... little features, things that double in function... but the embarrassment comes from thinking about comparing my stuff to better cosplayers. I hear there is a girl also auditioning(?) who is making a Krogan costume with an ANIMATRONIC FACE. Then here I am with my foam core Raynos wings and helmet! Ahhhh, oh well. At the very least, I get to take En-Oh out again and hopefully we can get some good shots of him. I fixed his eyes yesterday so they're right behind his mask. He can't blink anymore, but now it doesn't look like he has black holes in his face!

I'm filming it at my parents' place, so I have to pack up anything I want to bring... En-Oh takes up half the car, so it makes it difficult to fit things in. Sadly, so not kidding about that, he's two large boxes, his smoke, the back harness, the head, and the fins. The smoke alone fills up the entire back seat, and we're juuuust able to get the head and harness on top of him. But well, with bringing him, I greatly reduce the amount of other costumes I bring. I'm thinking of bringing Sever's head, Soul (scythe version), Dio's tail and gloves, and maybe Zakuro? I haven't quite decided.

SO NERVOUS. But also a little excited. BUT MOSTLY NERVOUS! D=
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