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This is gonna be a big one!

While I was busy ignoring my livejournal, like a bajillion people celebrated birthdays and I didn't even send my wishes to them! So many of these are quite late, but I just want everyone to know I didn't forget you!

HAPPY SUPER HOLY CRAP OMG LATE BIRTHDAY TO keikan, bettinamarie, clover_magic, hazelrahbl, fiver, arty_darc, leaveit2me12, aeyoqen, emlan, wingedcrash, andyscout, shaenon, kurot, dwimmer, dwimmer, kithkanan, midnightreverie, wesleydodds, drawfag, evercool, yamikakyuu, legit, kirakim, and jedisurvivor!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to joeshadows!!
Sorry sorry sorry for being so late! =( I hope all your birthdays were super special awesome! =D

My Zoroark plush came in today! The big one is Kuzu-no-ha, the little one is Kojoro. Such pretty girls. I liked Zoroark's design well enough, but seeing these two, I REALLY like her design. ♥
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