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Been away for a while...

I've been neglecting my livejournal for a while, but I didn't really mean to!! Work was sorta busy, but the thing that was really taking up my time was working on my masquerade costume for Fanime, an almost full size Entei. I was the front, Nur was the butt. =P

Anyway. The costume came out alright! A couple things ned to be fixed, but I should be able to fix them up before (if) we wear him to another convention. Fanime was a blast! I wish I had done more, but there weren't a lot of panels/gatherings/things that interested me this year, so I stayed in the room or just walked around the con/downtown San Jose most of the weekend. It was nicely calming. I really enjoyed seeing so many awesome people. I should hang out with those people more. =D I'll post some pictures of the Entei completed and some progress shots later.

Work is going well! Nice and quickly, but an upcoming volume looks more difficult than volumes for that series is. Yikes! But it's about 10% shorter than other volumes too, so I guess it evens out!

Went into San Francisco today. Internet connection is spotty where I work in the city, so I spent the day offline. I always get more work done that way! FEWER DISTRACTIONS~ I met an interesting guy from the Navy. I was waiting for the library to open, he was waiting for a friend to pick him up. It turns out he's stationed at the same base my uncle works!

The reason I was in SF was to see the Haruhi movie at Viz Cinema! It was WAAAY good. Yuki was amazingly moe. Like, WHOAAAA so much. She was sooo adorable! And Kyon was pretty moe too. Oh god, they both blushes, smiled, cried, oh god I was fangirling so much. ALSO THERE WAS SELFCEST. Not gonna say who but UNNNGGGHHH I LOVE SELFCEST FOR REASONS I DO NOT KNOW. (There was nothing sexual or anything in the movie, but a character interacting with themselves like that? I LOVE IT.)

I'll get back into screencap recaps next week. I'm so far behind, I'm probably going to do very small (10-20 image) posts for each episode, or else I'll NEVER catch up.

Yaaaaay life is good~
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