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Word Dragons

A couple weeks back I asked for people to give me word sets; one noun and two adjectives. I took those word sets and, inspired by How to Train Your Dragon, tried to create dragons based off of them.

The first dragons were based off of word sets Nur gave me.

Libohod: Lightbulb, Brown, Hodgepodge

The Shro: Skyscraper, Hot, Round

Fletch: Crossbow, Stinky, Chalky
Cannot fly, only glide. Has shovel-like claws that are always filled with the rotting bits of its last meal. It covers itself in a white mud from the cliffsides it lives on in order to cool off.
Rokero: Robot, Strong, Sticky
Doesn't have claws. The bones in its arms can pop out of their sockets in order to extend its punch. Lives in still ponds.

The rest are based off of the word sets given by others.

For kirarakim: Fierce, Majestic Tiger

The Kiragontous
A huge creature said to prey on large herd beasts. Rarely seen, stories regarding the Kiragontous is often exaggerated.
-I draw the most undragon-like dragons.

For miraofazuresky: Beautiful, Sinful, Sorrow

The Mirazki
As they grow older, their thin wings get torn and never repair. They are eventually reduced to a life on the ground.
-I'm not too hot with the shading thing.

For fiver: Big Bad Wolf

The Literosne
A front-heavy beast with lots of thin scales that look like fur at a distance. Extremely powerful, but moves slowly.
-I'm not so happy with how this one came out because there were so many good possibilities with the prompt! I feel sort of bad for the dragon too... it only has one joint in its front legs. It has to be hard to move!

For keycchou: Bewildered Blind Baboon

The Kaici
These skitish creatures are born blind and hunt at night by locating heat sources. They can detect even a 0.1 degree change in an object's heat. They have retractable claws.
-Again, doesn't look much like a dragon, but I really had fun drawing this one!

For leafing: Manic Depressive Zombie

The Zorzo
Also known as the "Bone Eater," it gets all nutrients it needs by consuming the bones of recently deceased creatures. Known to bury the bodies to eat later.
-I don't think I hit the keywords on this one very well, but I really liked drawing it. Its front claws are hollow on the bottom, which help it dig quickly.

For pacificpikachu: Raspberry, Righteous, Fumbling

The Kachica
A real heavy-hitter, the Kachica is sometimes considered a "protector," because it acts as a bodyguard to the Pipai, small creatures that in turn assist the Kachica by scaring food towards them. Kachica are well protected by their thick scales, but these scales also provide poor grip on most surfaces.
-The scales on its tail are really hard and the Kachica sometimes uses it like a club. Also I swear this is a dragon, not some sort of cat/bear/dog creature. >_>;;

For nayung: Novel, Silent, Willful

The Ganyu
The Ganyu has air-filled pads on its feet, allowing for it's weight to be evenly distributed. This gives the Ganyu a very soft step.
-I want to ride a Ganyu, but I don't think it would take kindly to that. It's the type of creature that seems like a gentle giant, but would probably trample you. Also, the word for this one were really hard to fit in!

For bluestraggler: Narwhal, Obsequious, Facetious

The Eulsgrat
The Eulsegrat lives the majority of its life in the water. It uses its horn to attack prey and attract potential mates. It has two strong front limbs that allow it to pull itself out of the water in order to protect its territory from land-dwelling enemies.
-I don't know what to say about this. I wanted something sort of crazy, and just had a lot of fun with it.

For slr2moons: Rain, Green, Floaty

The Loorm
A river-dwelling creature that survives on a diet of thick leaves. It climbs up to the tops of trees to get the necessary leaves, then glides back down to its watery home.
-I wanted it to look like a green man, but I couldn't get it to look like I wanted, so I fell back to a more traditional type of dragon. My favorite part about this dragon is that it doesn't so much glide as float. The skin between its legs doesn't act like a wing, it's more like an umbrella. It poofs out~!

For kouaidou: Cat, Belligerent, Nasty

The Aikudu
This small creature should never be appreached unless it is deceased. The Aikudu is constantly hunting in order to consume and gain the energy it requires to hunt. Their lives are an endless cycle of violence. Flaps of skin behind the legs allow it to glide short distances.
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