Lord Ace of the Fictional Lands (ensuing) wrote,
Lord Ace of the Fictional Lands

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...but I'm not.

Things I should be doing:
-Working on Pokémon Adventures v9. You know, my JOB.
-Cleaning Makai 3, which I should have done WEEKS ago.
-Working on my Fanime Masq costume.
-Working on my Serpico costume for Fanime
-Working on any one of the half dozen comics I want to make

What I am doing:
-Hanging out on /cgl/
-Rereading Berserk starting from v14.
-Nothing productive.

Nnnghhhhh I blame it, at least a little, on being early in the morning. But I really need to pull it together in order to get anything done within a good time frame. X_X

Okay, finally getting to work. I CAN DO THIS~
Tags: cosplay, life, pokémon, work
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