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Back from the Moon!

I have returned from Japan safe and sound! I had a great time and will be posting trip reports shortly. Hopefully this time I'll post them quicker than I did for the last trip... I don't want to take over a year to get pictures up! Before I start those, I want to catch up with Durarara!! recaps and I want to start Heroman recaps. I really, really, really enjoyed the first ep of Heroman and have been super excited about it for a while, so to be honest with you they may be less attempts to be funny and more fangirling, like the occasional things I did for Xam'd. BUT WE SHALL SEE.

I'm way behind on most things internet, I only kept up with webcomics, general news, and twitter. I probably won't catch up with LJ, so I'm sorry if I missed important posts, I'm just too lazy to go back through three weeks worth of posts, I want to catch up with DRRR!! recaps asap, and I have to get back to work as it is piling up fast!

Hope everyone has been well! I missed you guys!
Tags: durarara!!, heroman, japan, life, screencap recap, xamdou
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