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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, nomoreprinces!!
It's still a bit early here, but it's the right day in most of the world! Have an awesome day!!

Oh, G.

I don't care what people say, I rather enjoy NCIS LA. It's always amusing. =D The latest episode was a lot of fun, especially seeing poor G suffer in traffic school.

Life is really boring right now because I have no real work to do and it makes me feel so lazy. And I am so lazy because I haven't done the non-work things that I really should do. It's like... I need work to energize me so I can do other things. So I've been watching my usual TV shows (White Collar was fantastic last night!), Pixar films, and random movies I have laying around. I did get started on my poke_arts exchange image, finish my Kurenai Ouji sweatshirt, work on my Erika dress, and finish cleaning most of the pages for the one volume I have files for right now, but it's really not that much and I JUST FEEL SO LAZY.

Oh well, tomorrow I'll find something productive, fun, and necessary to do!!
Tags: life, ncis, tv, whine, white collar
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