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A Lovely, Lazy Day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY astrokittie!!
Hope it was GRRRRRRREAT!

Today was WONDERFUL. Thank-you for all the kind wishes and warm words! You all make me feel so special! I spent my morning working on my Erika costume. Nur gave me some AWESOME BluRays, so I spent the rest of the day watching Ratatouille and all the extras on the disc, and now I'm watching Up. I got to the part where Carl and Ellie got married and was already crying my eyes out. AHHHH, THIS MOVIE. T^T BUT I LOVE IT SO. The extras on Ratatouille were so interesting, I can't wait to see the extras on Up!!

Last night's Castle and Chuck were both fantastic, and I'm so looking forward to tonight's White Collar!

Life is wonderful.
Tags: castle, chuck, life, tv, white collar
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