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Work, Jimbocho, and the Possibility of a Twitter Account

Hope those Danes were good to you!

So the last volume I have to do for work before I leave is sorta on hold until I return! How awesome! I contacted my editors about it this morning, but they said not to worry about it until return. I sort of hope I get the script before I leave though, because the lack of work makes me anxious. If I continue at my current pace, I'll only have corrections to do after Wednesday. Well, that and cleaning the pages of the currently script-less series. Ahhh, so much free time! I'll probably spend most of it doing cosplay stuff, I guess. Less stress for later!

I keep looking at Japan trip blogs to see what other people check out while they're there. I found one awesome blog that talked about a super awesome store in Jimbocho that I MUST go to.

I'm think I'm finally going to get a Twitter account. I'm going to do my best to take a break from livejournal while I'm gone, but it might be nice to tweet little things ever so often. We'll see. I don't know what sn I'd use there. Huh...

EDIT! I forgot to mention this! Nur sent me the link this morning. Font Squirrel has some of the sexiest free commercial-use fonts on the web. The site is fontgasmic.
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