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I (finally) took my driving test today and I passed! That's a big weight off my shoulders!

And thanks for everyone's kind comments on my doodle post. You guys always make my days bright!

But let's talk about something fun! Like... diseased gang members! I mean... uh, the Reapers from inFAMOUS! I didn't like having to deal watching people deal with the Reapers in the game, but I did really like the jackets some of them wore. So that means... fun ghetto screenprinting fun!

If you haven't seen him before, this is Dyson, my (and Nur's) cat. He was being really cute last weekend (more so than usual, I mean), so Nur took some pictures. This is my favorite. =3

But yeah. Reapers. This is what I based the design off of.

I sketched the designs out on some large sheets of paper. I messed up on the back design, so I had to cut and tape it to make it work better. The skull actually took a long, long time to draw, because I really suck at drawing skulls and I kept drawing it lop-sided! Whoops!

I taped the designs over contact paper, then used an exacto knife to cut it out. I put the contact paper on the front of the shirt (Alas, no easily obtainable red ones, but I thought brown would work alright in it's place. You can see the Delta design I want to put on another shirt on the right.

After painting it and removing the contact paper. The front didn't turn out as clean as I would have liked.

Now for the back! I had to put a couple sections of contact paper together for this, but since it's contact paper, it worked just fine.

Okay, now ready painting.

The back with the paint on it. If you use this method, make sure to DAB the paint on, not brush it on with strokes or else it might go under the contact paper!

Contact paper removed! 2/3 of the way done!

Putting the skull on was incredibly difficult and if I did another shirt like this, I would figure out a better way to do it. I would definitely make the tooth spacing much more!

Bah, really messy, especially around the teeth. This is why I would make the tooth spacing more, so it actually... separates the teeth!

With the sweatshirt done, it was time to have some fun with it!

REAPERRRRRRRR!!!! I had a great time trying to make myself look sickly. You never really see the Reapers' faces, but I figure they would look something a bit like this. You know, all diseased-like.

Nur was really awesome and took these pictures with his nice camera IN THE RAIN. What an awesome guy.

All Reapers need guns! Too bad I only had this Nerf one...

Annnnnd I clean shot of the back, my favorite part of the sweatshirt.

They may be enemies in the game, but this Reaper has great love and respect for Cole. ♥ IT'S A SECRET FORBIDDEN LOVE.

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