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Requested Meme Art!

Ahhh, these are finally done!

Now, let me warn you, these are SUPER SUPER SUPER ugly and sketchy!

For joeshadows

Um... yeah, so that's supposed to be Dexter leaving a message on his kill for Temperance to find when she examines it...? I... uh... yeah. =\

For dizilla

Sorry, it doesn't look anything like Shawn OR Gus, because this is a total cop-out. =X But now I want to try to actually draw SD versions of them, so we'll see...

For slr2moons

What is wrong with Niche's face? I do not know.

For arty_darc

Well, so I figured the Doctor would really love spending time with Issac and Miria after reading this prompt, but I had no idea what they would do together. So maybe... donning some of the masks/hats they bought for crazy fun times? Also maybe stealing an obelisk? I think the Doctor got the short end of that one. =\

For shiroro

I hope it sort of looks like him? It was by far the easiest request, yaaay~ =D

For stud_monkey

I really liked that episode where they went to the festival, so... BUT OH MAN DID YOU GUYS SEE WHAT stud_monkey DREW FOR ME? I AM NOT WORTHY.

For amused4ever

I sorta... uh... didn't have a good ref when I drew this, then I wanted to throw ink on it to simulate Shiibashi-sensei's lovely ink paintings, but AHAHAHAH... yeah.

Cats~! Pretty much Hyo. ....which reminds me I still haven't scanned my NaNoWriMo comic. He's a main character in it. My favorite part of this picture? The Doctor on the bottom. Awww yeah~

Random stuff. I saw some neat art of some anthro "natives," and I had seen Avatar a couple weeks earlier, but the doodle turned out like crap, so I drew others stuff around it instead of attempting to finish it. Lots of Kale, because he's my favorite. ♥

When I go to sleep, I make up stories involving my characters. It gets me to sleep pretty quickly and often my characters take on lives of their own and surprise me by doing very interesting things. I was playing with my Pokémon/fakemon character, Chasyx, when his story evolved into this much bigger story about a country in a war with on of it's neighbors. The government developed a project that splices the genes of soldiers with animal DNA to fight in the war. There are two ways to get spliced: you can accept a rather large sum of money in exchange for participation, or, if you have committed a horrible crime, participation can be mandatory. Each "volunteer" soldier must be in the war for at least five years (but more and you get more money), each criminal much be in for at least ten. After being discharged from the military, the hybrid soldiers have few rights and are usual sold as servants.

So this is Jake and Chase, they work for the same household. The head of the household is the owner of a large biotech firm and Jake is his bodyguard. Chase is the bodyguard of his daughter. But most of the time they do odd jobs around the house. Jake is really tall. Chase is tall too, but Jake is REALLY tall.

Some more doodles of Jack and Chase. Jake entered the program for the money. He was already a decorated soldier, but his daughter was ill and they needed the money for the medical bills. He was spliced with Rhino DNA (I should really look up rhinos to see how they actually look). He occasionally sees his family and although he is somewhat ashamed of his appearance, he is proud of serving his country. Chase killed a man to protect his junkie brother, so his participation was mandatory. He's a mish-mash of several creatures, the scientists splicing him were attempting to create a soldier that would be able to stand extreme temperatures. He can handle extreme cold really well, but he can't handle the heat much. His family doesn't give a damn about him and he's tired of caring about them in return so it all works out. =D

The country is better at gene splicing now, so most of the soldiers don't look so much like animals anymore, these two are just from the first several years of the program. Poor guys.

Chase, me, and an ugly Jacuzzi. Chase is fun to draw, but I have trouble drawing muzzles at different angles, so I should practice more! But since he's fun to draw, it's all good! =3

Cole MacGrath from inFAMOUS ♥ It ALMOST looks like him! Huzzah! Oh and a dragon thingy.
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