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Design Clothes-y Poll

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in my design contest! I really like all the entries, so I'm going to make all of them! I'm going to use this poll to decide the order that I'll make them in. I do have to warn you wonderful designers though... it may take me a while to get these done! I won't start until I get back from Japan (so early April), and they might not be done until sometime into the summer. Sorry! D= For you shirt designers, could you send me a note (or leave a comment) with the size of shirt you'd like? That way I can order the shirts asap and be ready to work on them when I get back. =D

Poll #1528723 Design Contest Poll

Which of these do you like the most?

Celty in black or grey on a white sweatshirt
White Dalek on black sweatshirt with "EXTERMINATE" on the sleeves
Autopsy Scar, red and silver on a tan/flesh/other sweatshirt

Thanks again to all the participants! You guys are awesome! ♥
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