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I'm at my parents' place right now watching the Olympics. I may be/have been a runner, but the Winter Olympics are by far my favorite. Speed Skating is SO ONE OF MY FAVORITE SPORTS. And as luck would have it, The 1500 short track finals are on tonight! Huzzah!! AND the luge, which is also incredibly awesome. Kumarutashvii's death is a tragedy, but I am glad that they were able to continue the competition. I'm sort of happy that he was able to go doing something he loved, but what a sad way to go. D=

Ahhh, but! The Olympics! Wonderful sports! Speed Skating!! CURLING!! I love the Olympics so much~

I ordered my iPod, its skin, and its case tonight. So excited to get it. It's great timing too, because my Nano has disappeared someplace! Poor AvanII, hopefully I just misplaced him. Thanks for the skin and case recommendations!
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