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iPod Skins

Hey guys, I'm getting a iPod Touch to replace my trusty 1gb Nano, and I want to get a custom skin and a case for it because I'm awfully hard on my Nano, and I want my Touch to last at least as long!

So my question is, has anyone gotten a custom skin before? Can they recommend a place to me? I've searched around a bit and found a number of places that will make it for me, but if someone had a recommendation, I would like to go with that!

For my case, I'm trying to decide between a hard case and a silicon case. I'd rather have a silicon case, but I don't know how clear it would be. I do want to see my awesome iPod skin through it! Does anyone know if the clear silicon cases are cloudy-clear or if they are clear enough to see a skin though?

Thanks! =D
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