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Bullet Points of Life

Just when I thought I had things under control!

• I went to SF Monday to meet with two of my editors. I was mistaken about the meeting place, so I ended up running and down a very steep hill trying to find it. I think I pulled a muscle while doing so, because later in the day I couldn't lift my right leg up with its own power more than three inches before feeling like it was being wrenched from its socket. I couldn't run. Not even a teeny bit. It hurt more than the actual injury. I guess this is what I get for not being in shape anymore!

• The meeting with the editors was FANTASTIC, I had a wonderful time and they're both very awesome, very interesting people.

• Finished a volume after a week and half of working like a maniac on it. The series is very deceptive, it looks simple but it always takes me longer than it feels like it should. Very happy to have that one off my shoulders though.

• By mid-Tuesday my leg was at 85%. Not a bad recovery rate.

• I finally started Criminal Minds season 2. I had been watching the inFAMOUS and Prototype videos, so I didn't "have the time" to watch it. I'm about halfway through it and enjoying it.

• I haven't finished the Let's Play for Prototype yet. I only have about 20 videos left, but the story only comes in tiny bursts once in a while, and there are so many events you can do that they all seem to run together. In inFAMOUS, it felt like even the events/side missions added a bit to the story. Still enjoying Prototype, I just wish there was more constant story!

• Got a lovely package from the lovely yuan_18! Thank-you~!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I love the wonderful card! It's so pretty and adorable! ♥ And I've already started to devour the gummies. =D Dyson and I tried to use the tattoos, but putting a tattoo on fur is quite difficult! I'll have to try again later! XD And I actually only have one other pencil case and it's a wooden one better suited for holding pencils on my desk than in my bag, so I absolutely ADORE the one you gave me! I'm totally bringing it on the trip to hold all my writing utensils! Thank-you so much! ♥ Have a great time this weekend!

• I got another deadline added to my already full pre-trip schedule yesterday. So stressful! My editor said the deadline is a soft deadline, so it's not the end of the world if I don't get it done by then, but I feel like I really should. She also said she just didn't want me to have a pile of work to do when I get home. That's nice of her! =D The series is my easiest one, so I'm 90% sure I can get it done. I ran the numbers last night and it looks like I need to get about 17 pages done a day, which is cake... I've been doing between 20 and 25 pages of varying difficulty each day for the last few weeks, so *fingers crossed* everything should work out just fine!

• Even after running the numbers for work, I was super stressed out. Watching the latest two episodes of Human Target and the latest episode of White Collar while I cleaned pages really helped me calm down.

• I downloaded this great Doctor Who FST the other day. It's really helping me calm down too. And it has an ELO song on it. AWWW YEAHHHHH

• Today Nur gets BioShock 2!! And it's Friday, so he can play it all night if he chooses. I'm so excited to see some Bioshook~ I've been trying hard not to spoil the story for myself. XD This means he won't play Mass Effect for a while, but I think he needs a break from it. The part he played yesterday was really stressful.

Design Contesty Thingy! Rules are at the bottom! Have fun, possibly get a sweatshirt/t-shirt/something in the process! There are already a couple of AWESOME entries that I am in love with. *_*

• Welcome to my journal, friends from the Durarara!! friending meme! I hope I don't frighten you away!

• AHHHHH STILL SO STRESSED but sometimes I work a lot faster under these conditions, so LET'S GET THIS THING GOING! TIME FOR WORK!
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