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Sweatshirts galore!

A bit after Thanksgiving I posted a couple shots of a Doctor Who sweatshirt I painted. It was a ton of fun and I've done a few more since then.

This one is pretty ugly, so I'll post it first.

This is supposed to be a Palkia sweatshirt. I wanted to finish it SO BADLY, I rushed and messed things up pretty badly. I made this ages ago, maybe in September or October? But I haven't taken the time to fix it since. It was also under a pile of fabric, so it's really wrinkled.

This is the back. I assure you, the "tail" is in the middle, I just folded the arm over to show the shoulder marking, which are definitely not aligned right. Ah, well.

This is the first Tardis sweatshirt I made. The one I posted already. These are just a few better shots of it.

One side of the hood.

The other side of the hood!

This is my absolute favorite sweatshirt I have made. I love it to death and I don't know why. And I wear it all the time. In fact, I'm wearing it right now.

Aaaannnnddd the back has the Seal of Rassilon. By far the most difficult thing I've cut out for one of these sweatshirts because of all the thin parts. The paint looks uneven on the back, and it sort of is... but that's mainly because I wear it so much it's already worn! The front is worn as well, but it doesn't really show it in the picture. The wear is sort of nice, because it makes it look old. I don't know, I just really like this sweatshirt.

These are sweatshirts I made for bluestraggler and jen_kat. bluestraggler's is Jiraya from Persona 4. It was pretty fun! I tried to mix a yellow with some gold to make it slightly shiny, but it didn't really turn out shiny at all! XD jen_kat's has Corkscrew Wolves from Brave Story on it. I wasn't too happy with how they came out, I with the lines on their legs and around the head of the first on were clearer.

Aaaannnnd the back of jen_kat's sweatshirt. I'm happy it's the back because WHOA that Corkscrew Wolf has a HUGE eye. D=

When I cut out a stencil, I always have the inverse version of it. Usually I just put them in a sketchbook for possible use later, but I wanted to try something with this one. I like how it came out, but it's not really a sweatshirt I would wear, so I'll probably give it away to someone who wants it or something. I dunno.

I have three or four other shirts in the works... a jacket that will have the UNIT logo on the back, and a t-shirt that will have the Pumpkin Scissors logo on it (sort of like this one). And I'm definitely making a KITTY BIKER sweatshirt so I can wear it when I go to Ikebukuro and look like the loser I am. I want to make a Reaper sweatshirt, like the ones in inFAMOUS too.

NOW.... IT'S TIME FOR A CONTEST!!! ...sorta.

I really like making these sweatshirts, but my creativity is drying up because I am a very boring person. So, I'd like some assistance. I would like your ideas for designs for shirts/sweatshirts/tote bags/pants/etc! I'll accept designs until February 17th (that's in a week and a half), then I'll post all the designs with a poll and the one with the most votes will be made. Whoever designs the entry with the most votes will get be sent a sweatshirt/t-shirt/totebag/whatever with their design on it.

Put anything you want on your design. Anything! Of course, I would be very, very happy if it was something I'm interested in (said something about it in a post, replied to one of your posts about it, listed in my interests, etc) but please DO NOT feel that you have to be tied down by that!

Rule-like things:
•Post as many entries as you like (Please post them as a reply in this LJ entry)
•Entries must be in by 02/17/10
•These are entries for an item with a painted design on it, not fleece (like the Palkia sweatshirt). Trust me, the painted ones look better anyway!
•Entries MUST have a picture. Descriptions of how it should look will not be accepted.
•Entry pictures can be made any way... be it clip art, hand drawn, MS Paint, chalk art, screencap...
•Please keep the colors simple! I'm not very talented when it comes to this, I cannot paint masterpieces. Please don't use more than five or six colors!
•Please say what sort of item you would like this design on (if it was the most voted entry).
•Feel free to put your design anywhere on the item, be it the front, the back, the sleeves, or all of them!
•Please have fun if you choose to do this!

NOW CLOSED!!! Thanks for your entries!

Tags: brave story, cosplay, design, doctor who, persona 3, pokémon
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