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Eating People and Zapping Reapers

After watching the Let's Play for BioShock a couple weeks back, I was itching to start a new Let's Play. After pr0t0manblues suggested Mass Effect, I began watching one for it, but Nur decided he would play it soon so there was no need.

I eventually decided to watch one for inFAMOUS. It's a sandbox game where you gain electric abilities and have to make choices based on a karma system. It's pretty awesome.

ARRRGHHH THIS GAME TORE ME UP! First Trish, your girlfriend, is a bitch to you, then your best friend Zeke is a FREAKING DOUCHEBAG and betrays you. ARRRGGGHHHH FUCK YOU GUYS. Trish gets better as the game goes on... UNTIL SHE DIES A HORRIBLE DEATH. GAAAHHHHH. Still, the game was pimp and I loved the powers. Especially the lightning storm. And climbing over everything? Aaahhhhhh, so neat! Parkour power, all the way! I want to be able to do that! AND SURFING ON THE RAILS AND POWER LINES!!! ♥ Cole (main character) was awesome, the story was awesome, and the comic-style art used for cut scenes? AWESOME.

After inFamous, I started watching a Let's Play for Prototype. I had heard a lot about the games being similar, so I was curious. Prototype is another sandbox game where you are infected with some strange virus strain that gives you AWESOME powers. I'm not as into the story as I was with inFAMOUS, but I'm only on part 42 out of 88 (I think). So... I have plenty of time to get more into it. I'm enjoying it quite a bit anyway. The main character, Alex, can consume people to get information from them and for some reason I always find it hilarious. I feel a little bad about that. =\ I love watching Alex climb all over the buildings. He can just run up the sides of things, he doesn't have to actually CLIMB things like Cole does. Ahhhh, so cool. *_*

I wanted to draw Alex throwing a car at a helicopter, but then I realized I can't draw cars, so he's just throwing some trash. I wanted to draw the virus... tentacle...things... but it looks just like messy lines. Whoops. To the right of that is Alex... I didn't have and refs when I doodled these, so they probably look nothing like they should.

The center bottom is Alex and my character Kale. They have similar abilities. When I first saw pictures of Prototype, I thought, "Hey look! It's a game about Kale!" Actually, Nur was the first one to make the connection. I hope to use Kale in a comic I've been working on for a number of years, so I hope he's not compared to Alex much once I finally get that thing done! Even if he is, it won't change the fact that watching Prototype is the closest thing I'll ever have to seeing Kale animated! ....Except Kale doesn't eat people. =\

The last picture is Cole from inFAMOUS. He looks 120% ugly. Sorry, buddy. On the karma system, if you have good karma, your electricity is blue. If it is bad, it is red. The most evil karma level is infamous. I like the good karma path for the game, but the red lightning looks so cool! COLE ONE DAY I'LL DRAW YOU PROPERLY. But not today.

The sketches from the sketch meme are about half done, I'll post them when they're all complete!

Mass Effect looks pretty sweet. Nur's only about three hours into it, but I already love the designs of both the krogans and the turians. *_*
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