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My Crazy Neighbors, Again

A while back I was talking about the people that live in my apartment complex. Some people have left, some new people have come, so it's a bit different now.

The people next door are still there, except they have two dogs now. They bark often and growl at just about anyone that passes.

The people across the walkway, the ones I thought might be dealing drugs, stopped pretty much all suspicious activity shortly after I posted about them. I feel pretty bad about saying those things about them, they seem pretty normal now.

I thought the limo driver and his family moved out, but I still see them occasionally, so I guess I was wrong.

A bunch of high school kids hang out in the parking lot after school some days. They smoke and laugh about stupid things. They have a couple younger kids with them too, which is a little disheartening. I haven't talked to them, but just overhearing the random comment or conversation leads me to believe that they're eternally drunk fools. Now that I've said this, I'll probably find out that they routinely rescue small children and protect puppies or something.

There are a couple other high school kids that I occasionally pass by while going though the complex. My mom thinks they are dangerous and want to rape me or something, but they seems like generally normal people. They just wear... "punk" clothes, I guess. They say hi to me when I see them and I like that.

A few months ago, a family moved upstairs. I think it's a horse, a baby, and two parents. The horse could also be a small child, but the days are filled with "clop clop clop WHUMP clop clop" sounds. The baby must have colic, because it is always crying. ALWAYS.

I still like the complex. People are generally kind and besides the noise annoyance from those two neighbors, I don't have any complaints about the place.
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