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Chipmunk Cheek and Screwdrivers

Last Friday I bit my cheek pretty hard. I knew I'd get a pretty bad canker sore because of it, but it turned out it was at the EXACT wrong spot. Sunday it started hurting, and it just got worse and worse as the days went by. Tuesday was the worst, my cheek was really swollen and it hurt to do anything... eat, talk, even breath sometimes. It felt like when you have a hangnail and you play with it. NOT COOL. Plus, I keep hitting it with my teeth, so owwwww. BUT!!! The pain today is tons less than Tuesday, I can open my mouth and smile and it doesn't hurt much at all. The swelling is still... troublesome, I guess, but it feels like it's less too. AND! Because putting ice on it, it gives me a great excuse to get Slurpees multiple times during the week. Mmmm, delicious treats that also make my mouth feel AWESOME.

I saw my mom yesterday and she said that she could tell something was wrong with my face because it looks deformed. MOMMY!!! WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT TO ME? D= She said I should go to the hospital to get it checked out because it might be infected. I really think it's just a bad canker sore, but now she has me all worried, so if it's not visibly betted by Saturday, I'll go in and have it checked out (and have them tell me that yes, it is just a caker sore). I figure, in the very off chance that it IS infected, better safe than sorry!

And you know the worst part of this? (Well, the pain-while-eating part sucks) It's having trouble smiling and laughing! I've been watching Kimi no Todoke in the mornings, and it's SO CUTE that I can't help but smile and laugh. Which hurts. So that sucks. But it doesn't change that fact that the series is so adorable. I guess you can say it's so adorable that it hurts. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA....ugh.

OH OH OH SO I GOT A PACKAGE THE OTHER DAY! It was my sonic screwdrivers! I am now the proud owner of three sonic screwdrivers. One for normal use, one to try to put a TV-B-Gone in, and one extra just in case I mess up on my "advanced" screwdriver or if something happens to my regular use one. Overkill, probably, but they were on sale and I love me my screwdrivers. Next I'm hoping to get River Song's version and the Master's laser version! But for now I'm super happy with the ones I have. Eeeeee, Doctor Who, you make me so happy! ♥♥♥
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