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Fun fun Saturday times~

Yesterday, Nur and I hung out with bluestraggler, sygmus, and yuan_18! It had been far too long since i had hung out with any of them (even though I got to see sygmus on New Years~). We chatted about masq stuff and about tons of silly things. yuan_18 gave me an AWESOME hat. A fish hat! I dare say it's the BEST HAT EVER. ♥♥♥ Thank-you!!! I got to see bluestraggler's AWESOME art and I got to listen to sygmus sing AMAZINGLY on Rock Band Beatles. It was a fantastic day. =)

Over the last few days I've been watching a Let's Play for BioShock. With BioShock 2 coming out so soon, I'd been craving some BioShock in my daily diet of work, crime shows, and Doctor Who. The Let's Play I watched was lots of fun except... THE LAST PART WAS TAKEN DOWN. ARRRGHHHHH!!! I know how it ends, but I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN! Blargh! But watching a Let's Play during work was a lot of fun, so I'm keen on watching another. Any suggestions? I've wanted to play Shadow Hearts Covenant again, so maybe I'll look for that, but... I'm very open to watching people play other games too, so any suggestions would be loved~!
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