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New Friends~!

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY, sygmus AND itsuka!!!
Hope your days are filled with joy!

Welcome, everyone from the Baccano! and Durarara!! friends memes, and from other awesome community stuffs!! Although I have to apologize. My mother says you are all my imaginary friends, so I guess you don't really exist. .....AHAHAHAHAHA oh wow... Honestly, she told me that friends on the internet are imaginary. Never mind that she's never really had an internet friend. XD;;; Oh well, she's just being my mother, I think!

This weekend was generally nice. It was very rainy, and I love the rain, so that was a great plus. Saturday was my mother's birthday, so my sister came back from Davis and Nur and I went over for dinner. It was a pleasant evening. On Sunday, Nur and I went shopping. We do this every week, but this time I bought a army green t-shirt, the jacket I had been keeping my eye on was reduced to $10, and they had cheap khakis I liked! Oh clearance-section clothing, I love you so~! I plan on making a Pumpkin Scissors shirt of out the green t-shirt and putting the UNIT symbol from Doctor Who on the back of the jacket. I really enjoy playing around with this cheap version of screenprinting!

I turned in a half volume of work yesterday and I am nearly done with a block of corrections for another volume. Neither of them were all that difficult, but getting them done feels like a weight is being lifted off my back. I'm actually excited to get going on the second half of the volume and to finish cleaning the upcoming volumes of work.

I recently started reading Usagi Drop, a manga series that I had always meant to read (the art is so cute!), but never actually got around to it. They put up some chapters on One Manga and I've been going through them during work breaks. It's very much both a sweet and sad series. Mostly sweet. If you have a little time, I recommend checking it out. =D
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