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Life is the best television show ever

I've been watching the commentary on the Life season 2 DVDs today, and they are SO amusing... I really love this show. It's such a shame that the series was only two seasons long. I mean, it ended beautifully, but I desperately crave new adventures with Charlie Crews. Le sigh.

I rewatched pretty much all of Rental Magica this week. I greatly enjoy the series. It's nothing special, it is the epitome of mediocre to me. I rate all other okay shows in comparison to it. But being mediocre doesn't mean it's a bad show. I love the plot and the characters are fun, it's just very... run of the mill. I wish there was a second season because I would love to see some of the later novels on screen. There is a rune expert that comes in later who I'm curious about and a book about a fight against vampires! I don't care much for vampires, but I always find it facinating to see how creators portray them.

Thinking of vampires, I rewatched a good chunk of Moonlight yesterday. The show is pretty horrible for the first.... well, the vast majority of it is pretty bad, but it's still entertaining. Watching it is like eating a Twinkie. You see a box of Twinkies and something compels you to eat the entire box and goddamn does it taste good, but about five minutes later you just feel sick and full of regret. That's what the show is like for me. It's quite a love-hate relationship.

I really need to stop rewatching things I've seen a million times and start catching up with the eight dozen shows I'm behind on! Gah!
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