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Off to ALA!

FINALLY finished Slashman.exe! It's still a very speshul costume, but I fixed a few truly horrid things and it turned out better than I thought it would. Tomorrow it's ALA time! I'll be wearing the costume for some of tomorrow and some of Saturday, and the masq too, I guess? I think I'm going to be in a skit. That'll be fun. =)

My life has pretty much been SLASHMANSLASHMANSLASHMAN all week, so it actually felt very nice to get back to work this evening. I've never been so excited to work!

I watched the third season of CSI: Miami over last week and this week. The show is so ridiculous, but such a blast to watch! I already miss seeing new episodes, I'll have to try to get more seasons soon. I still need to get more seasons of Criminal Minds too. Ahhhh, I love crime shows~!

Next week I get to start two other costumes, hopefully scan my NaNoWriMo comic, do all sorts of cool stuff. I'm excited.

Ahhh, things are so nice right now.
Tags: con, cosplay, csi, life, rockman, tv
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