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Just a bunch of doodles from the last month or so. 99.9% quick things because it's been a busy month. =)

This is Bouson. I guess I haven't uploaded a lot of pictures of him, but he usually looks like this.I saw someone who did these wonderfully old-style cartoony drawings, and I was inspired to try my hand on drawing one of my characters in that style. Ehhh... I don't think he's supposed to be cute!

Ah, my beloved Hyldust. I always draw him from the side, so I tried to draw him from different angles. Not quite sure how to draw him properly yet!! =)

A suggestion from Nur: Dyson piloting a helicopter! And then Leo Thorne in his regular form, then his human-ish form. Finally, at the bottom, my current Gaia avatar. He's always a lion boy, but he's in dark robes with raven wings and a dark magic tome right now.

A bunch of sketches trying out stuff for X-mas cards, then The Doctor (I think my Ten sorta looks like Ten? I wish I could doodle a Nine that would look like Nine though...), and a couple suggestions from Nur: a minotaur with an axe and a dinosaur businessman.

This is a guy I'm playing with in the Dresden universe. He's partially because I've been listening to some of the audiobooks and partially because I got this awesome monster encyclopedia. Wallace here is a old god summoned into a dead human's body. He's partially based on the Aztec god Xolotl and partially on your typical werewolf. I thought it would be fun to have a god whose powers have been gimped. He's a happy enough guy, I guess. I haven't developed him much, so there's not a lot to him yet and he's still a bit... gary stu.

THIS IS A SUPER EMO PAGE, BUT IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE. I was listening to a playlist and I tried to draw one of my original characters for each of the songs. TOO MANY EMO LINES, WHOOPS. I swear I don't have that many emo characters. There's also a little bit of The Doctor in there. 'Ello there~

AHHH STILL SO BEHIND WITH THOSE FINAL CARDS. X_X Sorry! I won't get them out for at least another week. I don't think they're worth the wait though. Sorry sorry sorry. D= BUT I WILL GET THEM OUT.
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