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Downtime for the comic!

Did you know that I originally had this blog for Ensuing (the comic)-related news? HAH. That ended fast. But tonight I am posting this because it seems Comic Genesis is down and I cannot upload the comic. Which is extra frustrating, because I usually upload on Monday nights so the comic is up for Tuesday but lost track of time with the holidays so didn't have a comic done until today. Good job, me! So anyway, here is yesterday's comic. I'll be uploading the comic to the actual site as soon as possible, but I want to get it up someplace for the time being! It's a half-thought out comic, I just couldn't pull the joke together in the end, unfortunately!

I got in my Shiny Gyarados plush today! His name is Ares and he is absolutely wonderful! He has a posable spine, so I am enjoying having him curled around my neck so he can watch me work. =)

Welcome to my journal, amused4ever~!
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