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I went to see Avatar today with my brother and uncle.

So the story itself was pretty transparent. There were some surprises, but it wasn't hard to figure out the likely conclusion. Still!!! IT WAS SO COOL. The visuals, oh god. Soooo wonderous! And the 3-D stuff is pretty cool. But all the designs with EVERYTHING was really neat. The creatures, the environment, the clothing, the weapons... totally blown away.

AND DURING THE LAST BATTLE OH SHIT. Killing all sorts of crap, seeing people impaled on GIANT ARROWS. Totally crazy. And the creatures trampling the hell out of things and taking out the helicopter things... Oh, I loved it.

And the people crying "racism," "colonialism," and even "ableism" I think are almost looking for things to dislike about it. I don't think the movie is free from it, but I personally think those points are brought up for REASONS. Really? Is it that bad for a man who has lost the ability to walk to be thrilled to walk again? Well, that's just me...
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