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Christmas was very nice! It was quite relaxing and we had a lot of good food.

ruffwriter, thank-you for the beautiful card! ♥
pr0t0manblues! Thank-you for the DVDs and the awesome card! I EEEEE'd greatly when I saw it! XD ♥
bookchan, thank-you for the lovely card and the evil eye! It has already protected me from my annoying sister. ♥

My relatives from the San Diego area are coming up today! I'm really excited. =3 Hopefully they'll help disperse the tension that's already building with all of the immediate family around.

We went to see Sherlock Holmes this morning! I really enjoyed it and will probably pick it up on BluRay when it comes out. It was a lot of fun and the story had me trying to deduce right there next to Holmes. I love trying to figure out tricks. Oh wow was there a lot of bromance in it too. I never really thought about slashing Holmes and Watson but daaaammmnnn did this movie lay it on thick. Not a bad thing in my eyes, of course! I was just very pleasantly surprised. Oh! And Mycroft got a mention, which made me very happy. I love Mycroft.

I haven't watched End of Time (part 1) yet, so I'm going to do that now. Huzzah! WATCHED! And.... WHOA. O_O
Tags: doctor who, family, holiday, movies, sherlock holmes
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