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Birthdays, All around!

HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY TO resphoina AND jen_kat, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO otakuenkai, and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO tokiyoh!!
Super Holiday Birthdays!!

All cards are out except for jen_kat's and bluestraggler's. Sorry you two, just ran out of time. They'll be sent out sometime before New Years though! =X

I'm allll caught up on Doctor Who (new series) and ready for The End of Time! I've heard Ten getting so much flak because of what he did towards the end of his reign, and I don't really understand a lot of it. I'm confused with all the hate. Maybe it's because I'm playing catch-up that I don't have to wait between episodes and ponder about each thing he does, but hmmm. I don't know, I was happy to see him do some of the "crazy" things he did in Waters of Mars. But then again, I really like his crazy tendencies! =\

Got my new hard drive in, did end up naming the partitions Dresden and Mister. I felt like tempting fate.
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