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I know that, according to The Dresden Files, electronic appliances foul up when near wizards. That said, would naming my new hard drive Dresden be asking for trouble? I really don't want to set it up for it's own destruction. =\

scaper84 and "summerpixy!! I got your cards, thank-you! I love them so much and the cards are so awesome~!

Speaking of cards, the vast majority are in the mail now. I think I have three left to send, and they might be a bit late. Sorry! D=

Saw Princess and the Frog with Alex and Nur last night and really enjoyed it. The initial voodoo scene was fantastic!

Today Nur and I went to Kinokuniya because they were having a $1 back issue magazine sale. Picked up a some magazines to take color pages out of and picked up a handful of volumes of manga I was behind on. But the best things I got today? The Tegami Bachi and Detective Conan calendars. The Conan one is so big and nice! The pictures are just color pages from the last few years, but KID is on THREE of the seven pages, including my birthday month's. Huzzah! The Tegami Bachi calendar is the most beautiful calendar I've ever seen, but I don't know how I'm supposed to display it. It's really just a folder of artwork that happens to have dates on it. The pages are all loose and there are no hooks or anything. I think I might have to buy a frame for it, hahahaha! The art is so beautiful, it would be worth it to frame all the pages, to be honest. I love both my calendars and I'm so happy I was able to find them, I just wish Japanese calendars weren't so expensive. Curse you, exchange rate!!!

That's all for now, sorry for all the boring posts lately! Hopefully I'll post with more interesting things once I finish this volume for work! =D
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