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Holidays are busy busy times!

Work has been keeping me very, very busy lately. I took on a rush volume earlier this week, so I've been cleaning pages all day long. I finished the second volume of Crown of Love this morning, so that's a weight off my mind. Now I just have this rush volume, half a volume of UM, and probably a volume of Hyde due in January. I think I can handle it without too much problem, but with a costume to still START making for ALA (speaking of which, does anyone have space for Nur and I in their hotel room?), holidays, and relatives coming, time is looking very tight! Yikes!

I've been sort of on-edge lately because of these things, so I'm sorry if I snap at you online or anything. I really don't mean to!

I'll be sending out holiday cards shortly, so if you'd like one, please leave your name and address on this post!

Oh, in fun news! To combat the stress, I've been throwing my mind more and more into fandom stuff. I needed a break this afternoon, so I was going to work on my Time Lord/Symbol of Rassilon sweatshirt, but I didn't have the energy to cut out the Symbol of Rassilon yet, so I just used the opposite part of the stencil I used for my Tardis sweatshirt and just had some fun with it. It was a great stress reliever! I really love making these sweatshirts, they're as much fun to make and wear as the Pokémon ones I made, but a lot easier! After I finish this one, I might make an "Empty Child" one and a UNIT one, but I think then I'll try some other fandomish shirts. We'll see. =D
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