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I'm house-sitting at the parents' place today. They are getting their carpet pulled out and hardwood floors put in, so I had to let the crew in this morning. I don't mind house-sitting. It provides a nice change of scenery.

HOWEVER! The crew is Russian. Normally, I wouldn't care, but today just happens to be the day that all the shows I watch are about the Russian mafia and half of the music I downloaded was Russian. It's just... a little strange. And uncomfortable. I'm in my old room with the door closed, but still... I'm afraid I'm being rude or something.


p.s. mac taylor is so awesome omg omg omg (but not as awesome as charlie crews, of course)

So suddenly I realized why one of the guys sounded so familiar... he sounds just like Roman Nevikov from Life! Which is actually super creepy and this voice in the back of my head started nervously whispering for me to call the cops on Roman and another voice started telling me to just lay low because if he found out I was calling the cops he'd kill me and my family and YET ANOTHER voice started back handing the other voices and said that Roman is a fictional character. Which is true of course, but it doesn't stop me from being utterly terrified of the guy.

After my parents came home and the Russians left, I found out that they were not Russian at all. They are Polish. I find myself strangely disappointed by this.
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