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Byron is like... one of my favorite gym leaders ever. He's especially fantastic in the Diamond and Pearl manga. Also the Roark and lots of Roi. Practicing trying to keep the same eye shape but show different emotions.

When I requested Pokémon a while back, it was because I wanted to doodle some. These are the Pokémon for glagmore and pacificpikachu! Some of these, even the easiest ones, were strangely difficult. It is also very difficult to color within the lines. I need to go back to kindergarten. sygmus, I'll get your requested Pokémon done soon! =)

After I finished the requests from LJ, I asked Nur for some suggestions. He gave me Grovyle, Rotom, and Gible. P.S. GIBLE IS SUPER ADORABLE LIKE A LITTLE SHARK HEAD WITH LEGS. I want a plush of him so badly. I wanted more, so I asked him for Pokémon numbers.

The last set of request Pokémon. Kadabra is really... strange to work on. Like... how is it put together? I cannot figure it out. =(

After all the random Pokémon doodles, I felt like doing some gijinka. So, Ambipom and Bidoof sketches.

More Roi emotion practice. And some of his Pokémon, including Atlas, his shy Palkia. I loooove Atlas, he's completely different from Roi's other Pokémon (thought I love his other Pokémon too~!).

Future outfit for Roi? I don't know. I wanted to draw one of those "trainer with his/her whole team" sorta things, but I lost interest while trying to figure out Toth's pose. I also tried to use this to get Nur to draw himself with his team or come up with a trainer character, but I don't think it worked. XD

My team in Sapphire. Duire the Linoone, Aoime the Lairon, my Combusken (whose name I can't believe I forgot), Kuro-wan the Mightyena, Iki the Swellow, and Ruike the Kirlia. I really should get to finishing it.

I was rewatching the Conan vs Lupin special thingy a couple weeks back. Conan riding on Jigen's shoulders is the best thing about the special. =)

I started catching up with YGO 5Ds and I wanted to try to draw Yusei. wtffffff Yusei your hairrrrrrrrrr nnnghhhhh Then I drew some Jaden because I love him so.

Some very stiff Jaden doodles and Richard, the dragony thingy from an RP thingy.

Random stuff. Some Roi, Allen Key, Kale, Setkhar, Copán, Leo Thorne, and the Hyldust. I wanted to draw a variety of my original characters. Sadly, my favorite part of this page is the "I dunno" Roi in the top right corner.

So what the hell? The Bay Bridge is out of commission, just about everything I watch is on break this week (or was last week and hasn't aired yet this week), and it's super super windy on the day I need to use spray paint. Crazy times. But! I've watched almost all of Numb3rs season 5 and it just so... watchable! I tore through several discs yesterday, but it really didn't feel like I watched a lot. Castle was great this week, especially the Firefly reference! All caught up with just about everything I watch regularly, with the exception of Fringe and Bones (just started watching the new season of Fringe today). Good times. =D
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