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Demon's Soulsssssssssss

I was going to take the day off, THE WHOLE DAY, until guilt got a hold of me. Then I got an email asking me to do some corrections by Monday, and then... well, my afternoon was pretty full.

Cosplay stuffs are coming along nicely. I have a lot of little things left on my Y-con one, but it should be too hard to finish it in time. My MnA one... well, I have most of the pieces for it, I just need to put them together. Still, shouldn't be too hard.

Watched the 13th Detective Conan movie, The Raven Chaser, last night. It was pretty good, but I don't think it was as nearly as good as any of the movies in the "golden streak" (in my opinion) of movies 8, 9, and 10. Oh, they were fantastic.


Nur's been playing Demon's Souls. Damn, that game is hard. He hasn't done much outside of the Boletarian Palace yet, but he just got this Spiked Shield that hurts his enemies quite a bit. It's great! For some enemies, he just butts up against them with his shield and BAM! They're goners! I want him to fight dragons, but they seem pretty hard right now. Hopefully soon though! Hahahaha, he just found out that if you don't have a weapon equipped, you can punch people. If you hold the button, it turns it into an uppercut! He's spent some time in the Valley of Defilement, and hopefully soon he'll go to the Stonefang Tunnels. But for now, it's mainly the Palace. The game is pretty awesome though... all sorts of weapons and such to use and a world that is pretty open for exploration. There's really a lot of freedom in it.
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