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I've been working on the Roi vs Volkner comic! I meant for it to be four pages, but it looks like it'll be seven or eight. I really love drawing Roi! It's almost a shame that the comic pretty much just focuses on his Pokémon.

When I scan the comic in, I'll have a bunch of other random doodles too. Ooooh boy! =D Mostly random Roi stuff though. I'll have another Pokémon photostory soon as well. I got in a new team member, but I might wait until the last one in the mail arrives. Oh, the hard decisions in life!

I'm finally getting someplace with one of my cosplays! My Zakuro coat actually has form now, I just need to hem the bottom and put the collar on. Of course, the collar is the most complicated part! Still, it's getting there!

Nur and I just finished watching Sasuke 23. I love watching it, and I absolutely adore the fact that it IS a competition, but against the course and yourself, not against each other. So everyone cheers for everyone else. I love that. Nagano-san is so awesome. *_* He's always my favorite (probably everyone's favorite!), but I also like the gas station guy a lot. =D
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