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My Awesome Friday and Photos: Mt. Diablo, Special Soup, and Pokémon!

So I said I'd talk more about Friday and how awesome it was. We got into San Fran a bit before 8, so I spent a few hours at Starbucks, played Pokémon Pearl and doodled a few pages of my Roi comic (Best Trainer Ever). At about 9, I headed over to Viz and had a really nice walk. When I arrived, Daniel (the editor I had told I was coming) wasn't there yet, so I sat in the lobby and played more Pokémon. I got tired of leveling up, but I discovered I had a partially-played Sapphire game so I played that. When Daniel was available, he came out and we chatted for a bit. I got to say hi to a bunch of people there, but then I had to head out.

I walked up to Jones street and found a staircase that led to a gorgeous view. I had been there last time I went to Viz, but I didn't have a camera. This time I was prepared! I got a few shots and headed the rest of the way to J-Town. There I met with pacificpikachu and later her friend Aubrey and had an absolutely wonderful time talking about Pokémon, life issues, running an anime club, conventions, and a plethora of other things. We walked around J-Town and found the best yaoi titles at Kinokuniya. I still can't decide which title was my favorite! About half past five, we went to Nijiya so I could get some snacks for the movie. We met Nur there and I had to part with pacificpikachu and Aubrey! It was tons of fun, and I hope we can meet up again! =D

Nur and I headed to New People and got seats in the theater. It wasn't hard, seeing as there were four people total in the theater. =( I hope more people came to the later showing!! The movie was AWESOME. Not only were the actors all very attractive, it was about thieves. THIEVES, GUYS!!! THIEVES!!! One of my favorite topics. PLUS, they were sorta phantom thieves! *_* So awesome. The story was good, and it had me guessing until the end. I really, really loved the music too! (By any random chance, anyone have the soundtrack and mind sharing? I can't locate it beyond the shops so far! I don't mind buying it, but I'd have to WAIT for it! Argh! XD;;) The cg was pretty good too. All in all, it's probably one of my favorite live action movies EVER. I really loved it. I can't wait until the DVD comes out! *_*

Photos! A few assorted photos, then a Pokémon photo story!

On Labor Day, Nur and I went up Mt. Diablo. We had a good time climbing around on this big rock we found. I was nervous about going to it at first, but I ended up having a blast!

Still on Mt. Diablo! We were playing in Rock City. THIS HOLE WAS MADE FOR NUR.

I saw this on the way to J-Town. I thought of you, pr0t0manblues! =D

Kristin's crepe from J-Town! Cutest crepe ever, Y/Y?

After finishing Tegami Bachi chapter 10, I felt this great urge to make cans of the soup Sylvette makes. This probably only makes sense if you've read through chapter 10.

They turned out alright! I gave them to my editor, Daniel as a joke. =)

And now... Pokémon!

Ridle would like you to know that it's pronounced "Rai-del," not "Riddle." Hopefully you remember Dusty from a couple weeks ago! Orion is the leader of the team and the oldest one. She's also currently the only female! I actually have a number of other Pokémon plush, but they're all at my parents' place. =\

(Ridle might recognize it because I got him there last summer~! =D)

It's Wayland!

It's Kukulkan! Oh Kan for short. =)

Maahes! He's also Lord of the Spacebar, but I'll get to that in a bit.

Yay! All three legendary cats dogs!

It's a PokéPyramid!

The team decides to assist Nur. Maahes takes the lead. He loves hitting the spacebar. Nur said that's what his name is. "Spacebar." =|

Elsewhere, Nur's Turtwig tries to make a friend.
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