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More elaborate post later

Great great day!

Saw a bunch of work people! Daniel seemed to like the uh.... "present" I brought for him (I'll post pictures of it some time)!

Hung out with the incredibly awesome pacificpikachu and her awesome friend Aubrey. I had a super amazing time hanging out and chatting with them. =D

K20 was GREAT. I'm probably biased because I love thieves, but OHHHH SO GOOD. I can't wait for the DVD.

Fridays are Taco Bell nights for Nur and I, but our local one was closed when we got back. We went to another one without a problem, but it was one of the only bad things of the day (boo hoo Taco Bell).

Got back home with food in hand to discover that not only was my fabric for Zakuro here, but my legendary dog PokéDolls were too! (Photo story probably tomorrow!)

And we watched a Detective Conan episode with dinner.

Much Excellence!!
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