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Japan 2008: Nara (08/23/08)

Ah, let us go to Nara! We were still staying in Osaka, but we really wanted to go to Nara, so we took a day trip there. Nara is actually closer to Kyoto than Osaka, but our days in Kyoto were very full, and our time in Osaka wasn't as full. So, we hopped on a train and took the hour or so ride over to Nara.

Nur and I still talk about the title of the store. "something changed! Friends" may be the greatest store name I've seen. And remember, we stayed near "Oops Hair." I think they opened this place up after they got new friends.

Pretty heron.

Holy crap, turtles EVERYWHERE. I wanted to take one home, but I didn't think it would end well. =(

Look at these ants. Nara had these HUGE ants. I had to edit the photo a bit to put them next to each other, but I didn't change the size of either ant. They're just that big.

Ahh, now we're in one of the main temple areas. Look at that beauty!

And on the other side! That five-layered pagoda is a national treasure.

And in the middle!

More middle! I don't know what they were fixing back there.

But why do many people go to Nara?

The deer, of course!! These deer are all over the park and temple areas. They just hang out, hoping for crackers. They will attack if you mess with them too much or it you approach their kids, but it's pretty easy to avoid pissing them off.

The park was beautiful. I couldn't believe this tree was in bloom. It was so spectacular!

Hey there, little one!

Super friendly.

In the middle of the park was this building. I think it was a museum.

Deer will let you approach them and pet them, but they really don't care about you unless you have deer crackers. Look at the guy who sold them to me! He's totally laughing! He knows what will happen to me!


DON'T BITE ME HERE TAKE IT. I tried to throw one up and have them catch it in their mouths, but dogs they are not. They just waited until it fell on the ground. =(

As soon as I ran out of crackers, they abandoned me. THANKS A LOT. >={

I decided I could be a better deer than any of them! What do you think?

So tired. So cute.

Before we left the park, it as Nur's turn with deer crackers!

The big one, "Stumpy," had one antler half the size of the other. It was pretty crazy. He was really pushy. It looks like he's trying to get into Nur's pocket or something. Nur was smart with his crackers. While I just gave out full crackers, he broke his into tiny bits.

Do you have any crackers for me?

Stumpy says, "'sup?"

Alas, it was time for us to leave the park. On the way back I saw these. I really love the artistry on them.

This is for all the JoJofags on my f-list. =D Right after I took this, I noticed the manga-version Kaiji game. But, there was a sign on the door that said "no pictures," so didn't want to take my chances twice. By this time on the trip I had become addicted to these push-arm UFO games, so I was going into arcades when I could to try to find more. I NEEDED MY FIX MAN, I NEEDED MY FIX.


This is by far the creepiest buddha I have ever seen. It's a face I see in nightmares.

I know the header says, "Just Nara," but it's time to finish up our Osaka leg of the trip as well.

I find these two posters greatly hilarious. First, you have "NO DRUGS" with some random anime girl. She seems almost hopeful in the first picture, then crying and praying in the second? To the left of it, a subway rider is about to sit on something incredibly shiny. Don't let this happen to YOU! (They probably have important messages on them, but I can only understand a fraction of them, so they're just hilarious to me. =D )

This is the room we were staying at. It's pretty plain, but really big! This was the last night, so it was really messy as well.

Let me tell you about this place. It was pretty crazy. It was across the tracks from Spa World, which I guess it super popular. Some dancers from the last post were staying there. The hotel actually had two parts, the nicer part and the part we were staying in. As far as we could tell, the nicer part was for Japanese, and all the foreigners got to be in the other part. Not that where we were staying was bad or anything. It was a little strange though... They would play the same three songs in the lobby and the elevator. ALL THE TIME. THE SAME SONGS. "The Hustle," "Jungle Boogie," and uh... "Brick House," I think. On the day we left, they changed the cd, but the music was similarly as... random.

Next door to the hotel was a Christian church. This place was creepy. There were TVs in the iron fences that seemed to play crazy bible-science videos. The rest of the fences were covered in cardboard. The homeless seemed to like the place though and no one ever gave us any problems, but damn did it look creepy.

Another shot of the room. The only real drawback that I can remember about this place was the shared bathroom. But that wasn't a huge deal, because I don't think I ever really saw anyone in there!

Ahhh, the last shot. And a messy, messy table! The bag on the table that looks like it is filled with trash actually is my kitsune mask from Fushimi Inari Taisha and a lion Noh mask I got for my brother. I am very happy to say that they all made it safely home!

Next time: Back to Tokyo for a couple days, then back home!!
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