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My crazy neighbors

A while ago, I mentioned the limo that's always outside our apartment complex. Well, it's absolutely definite, the people that own it (and the other nice chauffeur-ing cars) live here. I've only seen the family members in passing, but they're all really nice. They live a couple doors down.

Next door to us is a couple (I believe) that has a dog. Now I'm pretty sure that their place is as big as ours, and that's not NEARLY enough room for a dog. Hell, our place is barely enough room for Dyson! And it's not like they have a tiny dog, which might make it okay, I think they have a medium-sized dog... like maybe labrador-size. It barks a lot. Recently, they're started to play music in the afternoons, which wouldn't be so bad, but it's loud enough that it's like listening to music coming straight from my computer at full volume, but muffled with a pillow. Today they are listening to (c)rap. I wonder if this is revenge for me singing to my music? Are our walls really that thin?

Across the walkway, lives another couple, plus a possible random person. I can see their front door from where I've been working. They have all sorts of strange people stop by during the day. Most of the time, there seems to be a exchange of words and possibly money (I can't tell, the bushes around our window block anything shoulders down and I'm not THAT nosy). Occasionally, the people will go inside just to come out a minute or two later. They ignore the apartment staff too. I think they might be dealing drugs. I don't really know though, my imagination is probably getting away from me.

Every time I go to Starbucks, I pass by this one high school girl who is walking home. It's nice to see the same face regularly, but I think she doesn't care for me. Probably because I always wear my bullet-resistant sunglasses when I go out. I think they look awesome, but I'm pretty sure I'm the minority in that opinion!

This post isn't meant to be "OH MAN I HAVE THE WORST NEIGHBORSSSSS" or anything, it's just things I've noticed while living here. I enjoy living in this complex, everyone has been really kind to me. Still, I would love to move out... our place is just too small!
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