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Arts: Pokémon (Best Trainer Ever), Pumpkin Scissors, Oricharas, Kitsune!!

I scanned these yesterday with this week's comic and my 30_kisses picture. Not much, but I thought I'd post them instead of waiting for me to get more done! There are a couple of the kitsune human designs based on the kitsune you all helped me pick out. =D

I recently (last monthish?) rewatched most of Pumpkin Scissors. I wanted to do some high contrast piece with O(r)land and Alice, but this is about as far as I got. Hahahaha....

This is Shin! He's for my Kitsune comic. He won't be coming in until the second story at the earliest, but he's actually the first one (besides Fushi and Taisha) that I worked on. He's based on a kitsune that fiver picked out (and named! And helped develop!). I blurred out some of the stuff written because I want it to be a surprise! =)

These two ladies are based on barrackar picked out. I had something planned out for these two, but all of a sudden these two jumped in and pushed my other ideas out. Ahhh, such pushy ladies!

These are the kitsune that the first story will focus on. Fushi and Taisha, of course, but the other two as well. Telling their names might spoil too much about them, but they're sort of dopes in a fun way. They're also the only non-messenger and non-Kyoto-based kitsune in the story thus far.

I haven't finished the designs for the other kitsune picked out, but I haven't forgotten about them!

I drew this when I went to the samurai exhibit the other week. Every time I go, I try to draw this statue. I can't locate my other doodles of it, but I don't think there is much improvement between them!!

My character in Pokémon Pearl is sort of overachiever and sort of a dick. His Pokémon take after their trainer a bit, unfortunately. I want to do some scribble comics about his adventures with them. I tried to portray their natures in the doodles of each one, but I was getting tired at the end.
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