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Fwah. Tired tired tired.

Didn't do a whole ton today, but I still feel pretty accomplished!

I did a smaller set of pages than I could have, but it was still a strong enough number that I felt good about it. Nur and I hopped over to my parents' place to drop off some stuff and pick up my mail, and then we headed out to shop! I picked up something like ten new sweatshirts of varying colors because they were on sale! I don't know what exactly I'll use them for (perhaps I'll post the colors later and see if you all have any suggestions!), but I figured it was a good time to stock up. Unfortunately, they didn't have the color I was hoping to pick up, but hopefully I'll find one in that color in the coming weeks. Not a big issue. I picked up a couple new colors of fleece for some quickie shirts, one for a Dialga one, one of for a Palkia one. These are just going to be simple Pokémon-ish ones (like the Luxray one I did a while ago), not like the others I'm working on that have ears and tails and the such.

I've finally started work on my main Halloween costume. I cut out all the fabric for the pants, but the vest pattern is giving my issues. I want to alter it, but I don't know if my changes will ruin the whole thing. I was going to ask my mother today, but she was under the weather. Hopefully she'll be feeling better later in the week and I'll get to ask her then.

But the most important thing in this post! I changed my layout! I would have changed it weeks ago, but in a fit of stupidity, I was like, "oh hey, it would be cool to have a matching mood theme! And since there is pretty much zero fandom for this series, I'll just have to make it myself!" Honestly. What was I thinking. Mood themes take forever. I finished it tonight, so everything is finally up. *phew* This quarter, my journal is Birdy the Mighty themed! I love love love this series, although I have fallen behind with BtM Evolution. Whoops! XD;;
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